Monday, October 8, 2007

Do not hesitate, Just Go to Walmart!

When we want to buy some foods, some utensil, some decoration, or other goods, where is the first place we think of? There is no doubt that everyone has to think of a cheaper and better place to buy his/her goods. Thus, I strongly believe that everyone know one of the biggest company in the world, so called Walmart. Even if there are many companies like Walmart, why it is the best one in the world? Walmart offers many benefits to us. Walmart saves our time and money, gives us more convenience than others and provides advantages to regional people.
First of all, we can save money and time. Walmart’s slogan is “always low prices.” Walmart is the biggest market in the world. Therefore, it can offer low price to us. For example, when you buy a chocolate, both just one bar and a dozen of chocolate, from Walmart, you can pay less than buying from other companies because Walmart has ability to buy a lot of products from original factory. Thus, it can buy everything in a cheaper price others. Furthermore, Walmart can save our time. When we usually go shopping, we want to buy a lot of things at once. Typical store usually does not have many kind of goods. In contrast, Walmart has several types of goods. It always provide all goods which consumers want to buy.
Moreover, Walmart gives convenience to us. It opens twenty-four hours everyday; that is, we can go to Walmart every time we want. In addition, it provides many parking places for customers. We do not have to lose our time to find parking. Conversely, we can not park a car if we go to Seven Eleven, or we have to spend too much time to finding parking lots if we go to other companies. Furthermore, we can buy everything at Walmart. For example, if we want to buy spare tires and we do not know where a car store is, we do not have to spend much time to find it. We also do not have to drive a far distance. Instead of we can go to Walmart, and buy them.
Last but not least, Walmart provides social benefits to local people. One of all benefits is that Walmart gives jobs to local people. It is quite clear that, Walmart has a lot of branches in the United States. Thus, people can find a place where is the nearest their home to work. They do not have to waste much money for their fares. They do not need to spend too much time in commute from their home to Walmart. Also, they can get a stable job. Moreover, Walmart helps society in many cases. For instance, it has scholarships assisting to poor students, and it has a network about missing children. When people come to Walmart, they can see a missing children notice. They can spread this information to other people. So this is another way to help society.
Opponents of the advantage of Walmart claim that Walmart can provide low quality products. However, this argument is incorrect because Walmart can bring mass consumption and have enough ability to offer same quality products like other store. So, Walmart can provide excellent quality goods cheaper than other stores. Every store wants to sell their products more than other stores because it brings profit. However, if someone want to buy something such as bread, one store price is 2$ but another store price is 1$ the price being equal. Where do you want to buy? Absolutely, you will buy at second store. The Walmart must be second stores easy than other stores because Walmart can keep a balance between huge supply and damand.
In conclusion, many criticisms argue about walmart’s defects. However, Walmart has some of benefits such as saving time and money, providing the good service for their associates, and being able to buy the products at affordable prices in one convenient place. Even though Walmart has some disadvantages, we can overcome all difficulties and take advantages of Walmart. Walmart’s advantages can make more wealthy life than using other stores. If someone wants to buy something, someone can find it at Walmart, and he/she also can get it in a cheap price. Fix firmly in your memory “always low prices” at Walmart.

Fighting Corruption as a Global Concern

In Zussman’s (2005) article entitled “Fighting Corruption Is a Global Concern,” the author points out that many countries and global organizations struggle with corruption because they want transparency. First, Zussman discusses anti-corruption conference in Beijing that helps Canadians think about corruption in world. Next, he talks about the Transparency International report making corruption issues visible to public and many countries and global organization are working together to abolish corruption in society business and government. Furthermore, he illustrates gigantic problem about amount of bribes in the world. Thus, several countries now are trying to handle anti-corruption. In fact, corruption decreases national economic development, quality of life of citizens, and faith in government of people. There are four strategies in an anti-corruption. These are having enough laws, being aware of the rules of people, having a strong penalty for corruption activities, and placing the appropriate person in leadership roles. All in all, although these strategies are oppressed by other considerations, Canada is well placed in progress on laws and policies designed to corruption.
It is quite clear that the corruption is harmful to the world, so we should cooperate to eliminate the corruption. According to the article, the author has many valid points. At present, many countries and global companies have several problems about corruption. We have to solve these problems which can interfere with economic development, creating gap between the rich and the poor and make the low opportunity to get a job.
First, there is no doubt that the corruption leads to interference with economic development. If some companies offer a bribe to government official, they can succeed at short term. They do not have to wait through a long process. However, we know the result in a long term of those companies. Although they can get a lot of money easily in the short time, they fail in the future. Now that when they make the corruption, it causes unsteadiness in the firm. For example, A is an owner of the plastic company. A wants to make a lot of money in one year. Thus, A gives money to a head policeman and a dominant governor as A want to import raw materials without paying import duty. This makes A’s company grow up rapidly. A gets a lot of money while he pays same salary to his laborers. We can easily guess after scenes. Obviously, those companies were breaking the law. Also, there are many reasons to believe that this will not work out.
Secondly, the corruption can create the gap in wealth between the rich and the poor. Not only the U.S. companies owners but also whole over companies owners usually earn money more 50 times than salary man. Moreover, most owner hand over theirs property to theirs son or family. Therefore, there is a financial difference between the rich and the poor. The rich are going to be richer as the poor still have same lives. Looking in the future, there will be the rich less than the poor. However, the rich will be much more dominant than the poor. This makes the rich can control everything they want. The gap between these people will much more than before.
Lastly, but not least, the corruptions cause the low opportunity to get a job.
To illustrate, the soft drink company wants to hire 100 people to work in the company. If someone gives bribe to company’s director for get a gob, he can get a job without effort. However, somebody lost his opportunity to get a job because of someone who gives bribe to company’s director. Moreover, when the corruption occurs in many companies; a lot of people are laid off. This leads to snatching of limited jobs. For example, the clock company has corruption within his firm, so the company bankrupts. All of employee are laid off. Can you think about if many companies are in same situation? They are not affordable to hire employees. Many people don’t have jobs in the same time. They have to compete to get limited jobs.
Consequently, corruption is not a small problem which can solve by only a person, or a small group. The corruption intervenes in economic progress. It results in the gap between the rich and the poor. Also, it gives the low opportunity to get a job. It is a national problem which everyone should cooperate to cope with this problem.

Advantages of Foreign aid (research paper)

The South Korea is one of the best cases of foreign aid, which was assisted by the other countries’ foreign aid like the U.S. Owing to foreign aid; South Korea has been able developed country today. Recently, South Korea wants to help undeveloped countries which such as Vietnam, Philippine and Myanmar. So, there is constant controversy concerning the foreign aid. Some of critic claims that South Korea gives little foreign aid to other countries. However, they say that South Korea wants to make profit use of foreign aid. Even though many experts support disadvantages of foreign aid, it also has many good ways to help undeveloped countries because it purpose is not profits but relief. Foreign aid can help support to poor countries’ economic system, education system, and medical services and provide food.
According to Shah (2004), “Foreign aid, which can be defined as the transfer of money, goods, and services from one country to another, is an important part of the foreign policy” (para.1). The first foreign aid began in the immerse war. In “A Brief History of U. S. Foreign Aid” the author writes that “Foreign aid began in World War II and evolved through reconstruction after that war, through the Cold War, after September 11, and to the present day” (para. 1). Foreign aid has been around since just after the end of the Second World War. Today foreign aid can be given in a number of areas, including developmental, humanitarian, military, disaster relief, and security. Also, some countries can get benefits from giving foreign aid by promoting the expansion of democracy and free markets around the world. Furthermore, foreign aid is the policy that helps each country having a good relationship. Foreign aid wants to offer technical solutions to social problems without altering basic social structures. Wherever even moderate changes in these social structures were undertaken, for example, the land reforms in Guatemala in the early 1950s, the United States usually forcefully opposed these change. However, one of economist William Easterly and others argue that aid can often distort incentives in poor countries in various harmful ways. Aid can also involve inflows of money to poor countries that have some similarities to inflows of money from natural resources that provoke the resource curse.
At first, foreign aid can help poor countries’ economies. Clearly the most important reason why poor countries seek and accept foreign aid is for the purpose of economic development. There are several economic reasons why poor countries have accepted aid. The first reasons are improve the investment climate and promote entrepreneurship, as well as provide direct support in trade. Usually, advanced countries’ companies has excellent program about teach entrepreneurship and investment. Second reason is enable payment of interest on foreign debt. The poor countries concern about payment of interest because hey find it hard to pay those interest. So, if advanced nations help to poor countries, they have chance to restore stability to the country’s economy. Third reason is supply the lack of domestic resources such as foreign exchange. Therefore, support economy as foreign aid is good for poor countries.
The second reason is foreign aid can offer good quality of education system by building schools or libraries. For example, one hundred years ago, many U.S missionary built schools and libraries in South Korea. Of course, it has reason for engage in Christian mission work. However, it was also dig up hidden talent so it is one type of foreign aid. Those schools and libraries contributed much to the development of South Korea’s economy. Moseley states (2006) “In developing countries, our nation can, with this requested increase in foreign aid funding for education, help meet our international commitment to the goal of Education for All.” (para. 17). Indeed, education aid can make our world better place to live. Education aid can help not only their education system but also their future. Education aid will prove useful some day when poor countries go out into the world. There is no single better investment than ensuring access to a quality basic education for all. Moseley again states “Education builds civil society. It fosters tolerance and understanding, and promotes democratization and stability. An educated citizenry that is capable of making informed decisions, voicing opinions, and holding elected officials responsible is essential for democracy to survive and flourish. And, as secondary school enrollment increases, government corruption decreases.” (para. 13). Therefore, education aid will help not only developing countries’ child but also their countries future.
Third, foreign aid can support medical service to undeveloped countries such as providing vaccine and building the hospitals. No matter how poor countries make effort, they cannot wipe out disease and poverty. Even though they have hospital, their need a technical assistance about new medical technology and have many medical malpractices. Recently, our world brings serious diseases such as AIDS and pathogenic avian influenza. So, we should cooperate with other countries. In 1996, a pathogenic avian influenza was prevalent in South Korea but South Korea could not control that disease. So, that time advanced nations medical departments donated their knowledge about pathogenic avian influenza. It was vary useful to South Korea’s dairy farming. Also, medical aid can help specific countries which meet with a calamity. Especially, they have just experienced a natural disaster. For example, when tsunami disaster took place, it did great damage to the Indonesia, but also other countries’ economies and politics. Typically, the poor are the worst hit for they have the least resources to cope and rebuild. That time a lot of people died and more than ten thousand of people were injured. If other countries did not help them who are Indonesian, they cannot return to normalcy. Moreover, some poor countries do not have medical system. So, advanced nations that have excellent medical techniques should hand over to poor countries about their skills and build hospitals.
The last reason is very important thing that foreign aid can solve the poor countries’ food problems. Many of undeveloped countries cannot solve their food problem so they need help. According to “Commodity Boom Eats Into Aid for World's Hungry” the author said “The United States, the largest donor of food aid, spends about $2.4 billion per year on donations to Ethiopia, Sudan, Afghanistan and other vulnerable nations.”(para. 3). The U.S. spends a lot of budget to food aid because it is very important fact. Therefore, food aid is useful to poor countries because the food is one of the necessities of life. The second reason is it can help a short term. According to World Health Organization (2004) “Starvation is a significant international problem. Approximately 815 million people are undernourished, and over 16,000 children die per day from hunger-related causes.” (para. 4). Therefore, food aid can benefit people suffering from a shortage of food. It can be used to improve peoples' lives in the short term, so that a society can increase its standard of living to the point that food aid is no longer required.
Opponents of getting many benefits from the foreign aid argue that food aid has at times been disastrous for countries in Africa and elsewhere. According to Dilorenzo (2005), “food aid depresses agricultural prices in the recipient countries, driving many of their farmers into bankruptcy, and creating even more dependence on foreign aid” (para.18). The farmers then migrate to the cities to find work, driving up food prices there, which is often met with price controls on food, which creates even more food shortages and appeals for even more foreign food aid. However, this problem is not absolutely true. By supporting by foreign aid, researchers can work on new agricultural technologies that can help poor countries end food scarcity and malnutrition. Among these innovations are improved crop varieties, more effective fertilizers, new livestock vaccines and new food-processing techniques. According to McConnell (2007), Chemist Amit Roy in Alabama works with scientists from many countries to develop a fertilizer that can be absorbed by soil easily and help farmers take full advantage of improved seed varieties on nitrogen-deficient farmland. Because the new fertilizer is more efficient than traditional ones, farmers can use less of it, reducing their costs and residue runoff. Thus, food aid provides benefits the poor countries, and other countries. It develops agricultural technologies which helps those countries to increase and improve production effectively.
In conclusion, these days, foreign aid requires many methods. Also, many developing countries want to receive foreign aid from advanced nations. However, we should always bear in mind that foreign aid is not for their profit and trade, it is to relieve the poor countries. Relieving the poor countries is the international problem. Globalization is the most important issue in the world. However, the advanced nations cannot make globalization without other countries’ cooperation. The achievement of globalization never comes only through a declaration. We should cooperate with whole the world. Therefore, advanced nations should change their thinking about foreign aid which is not for their countries’ profit, for help poor countries’ citizen like those families.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

My hobby

Cheohwa Hong
July 4th, 2007
In-class 1
My hobbies
When I was child, my mother had passion about teach to me everything. So, I learned many things such as play the violin, draw the picture, take a picture, collect something, swimming, play the golf or tennis, etc. I want to introduce some of my hobbies. At first, one of my favorite hobby is collect stamps. When I was in elementary school, I was interested in stamps. It was easy to get a good stamps because my father hobby was also collect stamps. Next, when I was in middle school student, my favorite hobby was playing the violin. My mother wants to me that I become violinist. However I did not like to play violin. When I quit my violin lessons, I want to learn more how to play violin but I did not want to be professional player. My recently favorite hobby is watching movies. So, I want to talk about my recently hobby next paragraph.
Recently, I am interested in watching movies or dramas. Especially, I like to see America movies or dramas. I want to talk about that why I like to see the American movies or dramas. At first, when I was arrived the America in Virginia, I did not have car. So, I did not go any places. I was in my home whole day so I just watched TV. If TV has my hometown channel, I must be watched that channel. However TV had not my hometown’s channel. This is my first reason. Secondly, I want to improve my English skills. I did not heard whole word yet, but I am trying to listen whole word. It is very helpful to me. So, I continue try to watching it. Last reason is America movie has huge scales, and I also see the familiar places that I visited. In conclusion, I want to have more hobbies. It must be helpful and useful to my life.

Pratice body paragraph by Chad

Cheolhwa Hong
Practice body paragraph

Travel to other country can be exciting, but it has also concerns. So, you must prepare some of factors to enjoy your traveling. At first, you have to know about your visit places’ customs. If you don’t know that, you may be makes a mistake. Secondly, you had better to learn some of theirs language. When you just talk like “Hello”, you can be friendlier to them. So, you are able to feel more comfortable. Third, you had better make sure your travel route. It is better than unplanned because if you carry out as planned, you must be make fantastic travel in your life. So, if you have concerned about your travel, better late than unplanned.