Friday, July 6, 2007

My hobby

Cheohwa Hong
July 4th, 2007
In-class 1
My hobbies
When I was child, my mother had passion about teach to me everything. So, I learned many things such as play the violin, draw the picture, take a picture, collect something, swimming, play the golf or tennis, etc. I want to introduce some of my hobbies. At first, one of my favorite hobby is collect stamps. When I was in elementary school, I was interested in stamps. It was easy to get a good stamps because my father hobby was also collect stamps. Next, when I was in middle school student, my favorite hobby was playing the violin. My mother wants to me that I become violinist. However I did not like to play violin. When I quit my violin lessons, I want to learn more how to play violin but I did not want to be professional player. My recently favorite hobby is watching movies. So, I want to talk about my recently hobby next paragraph.
Recently, I am interested in watching movies or dramas. Especially, I like to see America movies or dramas. I want to talk about that why I like to see the American movies or dramas. At first, when I was arrived the America in Virginia, I did not have car. So, I did not go any places. I was in my home whole day so I just watched TV. If TV has my hometown channel, I must be watched that channel. However TV had not my hometown’s channel. This is my first reason. Secondly, I want to improve my English skills. I did not heard whole word yet, but I am trying to listen whole word. It is very helpful to me. So, I continue try to watching it. Last reason is America movie has huge scales, and I also see the familiar places that I visited. In conclusion, I want to have more hobbies. It must be helpful and useful to my life.

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